Inter networking Overview.


Inter networking means two or more networks connected to each other.
These networks are connects using communication media for example networking cables, networking devices etc. Different type of network using different connection and different interface. For the communication between two different networks, different models are there for example OSI, it define the communication between the networks.

0.01 Typologies

Network topology define the configuration or the manner in which the computers and network devices are connected to each other. In other words topology is a technique and technology that define the physical and logical structure of the network.

Basically there are two types of topolgies.

  1. Physical Topology- It define the physical layout of the devices on a network or the arrangement of the devices on the network. The six basic physical topology are Bus, Star, Ring, Tree, Mesh, and Hybrid.
  2. Logical Topology-It define the way of  follow of data from one device to other.

1.02 Bus Topology

In this topology their is a backbone cable known as Trunk which is shared to send and receive data. A thick co-axial cable(Trunk) is used to connect all devices and the both end is connected to a 50 ohm terminator resistor.

1.03 Basic Structure of Bus Topology

1.04 Star Topology

In star topology multiple devices are connected to a central connection point, example Hub or Switch.
Devices using either copper cables or fiber optic cable for connecting Hub or Switch.

1.05 Basic Structure of Star Topology

1.06 Ring Topology

In this topology each device is connected to adjacent devices, which forming a circle. Data flowing in only one direction i.e clockwise or anticlockwise. Here each device acts as a repeater, which means it amplifies the signal transmission and transmits it to the next devise.

There are two types.

  1. Single Ring Topology-Single ring is used and data flow in only one direction at a time.
  2. Double Ring Topology-Dual ring is used and data flow in two direction at a time.

1.07 Basic Structure of Ring Topology

Single Ring Topology
Single Ring Topology
Double Ring Topology
Double Ring Topology